Workplace Spanish for Firefighters & EMS

Workplace Spanish for Firefighters & EMS Personnel

Learn to communicate simply, but effectively, with Spanish-speaking citizens in emergency situations! It’s easier than you think – no grammar, no alphabet to memorize, no rules to study. Just learn key phrases and terms specifically for firefighters and paramedics. Workplace Spanish® for Firefighters and EMS Personnel has been created from actual training classes conducted for firefighters and EMS technicians. Firefighters & EMT’s in Chandler & Gilbert, AZ; Alpharetta, GA; Gaffney, SC and other communities have used our manual and CD to build or improve their Spanish skills. Organized by topic, the quick-reference manual contains more than 450 key terms and phrases for emergency medical & fire-related situations. You’ll master Spanish pronunciation and be able to engage in short conversations focusing on greeting and identifying people, pain & medical assessment, giving instructions, firefighter orders, rescue and safety terminology. The book also features a "Drills for Skills" quiz section, a 9-page alphabetical keyword list for fast lookup, and a series of practice conversations to simulate real-world emergencies. The one-hour audio CD contains all phrases covered in the book, plus pronunciation tips and suggestions on how to learn more quickly. The CD features both a native Spanish speaker and a non-fluent, yet accurate English speaker repeating the terms and phrases. Newcomers to Spanish find this to be a great advantage over traditional language tapes.

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Год 2013
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