2003-2004 Workplace Safety Manual. Joseph

2003-2004 Workplace Safety Manual

The 2003-2004 Edition of the Workplace Safety Manual is the summary of practical steps that businesses can use to develop and refine their in-house safety programs. Combining accident investigation, Pennsylvania's Workers' Compensation Law and OSHA requirements all into one, the Manual is ideal for the non-safety professional who now has to start or revamp a company's safety program. The self-audit checklist is top-notch. The Manual can be used for group self-insured programs as well as individuals. New sections added to the book since the last edition published in 2000 include: Training matrix for local governments - what minimum training is now required of major departments in local governments, such as training on safe lifting and material handling; guidelines on standard operating procedures dealing with hot and cold working environments, fall protection and portable ladder safety, scaffolds and aerial buckets/platforms, use of fleet vehicles and slips/trips/falls; expanded version of an Emergency Action Plan; and a list of the minimum supplies needed in a first aid kit.

Автор Joseph M. Boslet
Язык английский
ISBN 192974417X
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