Workplace Spanish for Pharmacists. Workplace Spanish Inc. ISBN: 1930134444

Workplace Spanish for Pharmacists

Learn to communicate simply, but effectively, with Spanish-speaking patients and customers. It’s easier than you think – no grammar, no alphabet to memorize, no rules to study. Workplace Spanish® for Pharmacists has been created to enable you to communicate in Spanish without learning "the entire language". Organized by topic, our easy-to-use manual and audio CD contain more than 500 key terms and phrases for pharmaceutical professionals. You’ll master Spanish pronunciationand be able to engage in short conversations focusing on greeting customers, time and timing, store directions, as well as pharmaceutical terminology including customer and insurance information, Rx and OTC medicines, dosage instructions, symptoms and illnesses, body parts and other important terms. The manual also features a quiz section called "Drills for Skills", a 9-page alphabetical keyword list for fast lookup, and a series of real-world practice conversations. The one-hour audio CD contains all phrases covered in the book, plus pronunciation tips and suggestions on how to learn more quickly. The CD features both a native Spanish speaker and a non-fluent, yet accurate English speaker repeating the terms and phrases. Newcomers to Spanish find this a great advantage over traditional language tapes.
Автор Workplace Spanish Inc.
Язык английский
ISBN 1930134444
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