Workplace Spanish for Police Officers & 911

Workplace Spanish for Police Officers & 911 Dispatchers

Learn to communicate simply, but effectively, with Spanish-speaking citizens in emergency situations! It?s easier than you think ? no grammar, no alphabet to memorize, no rules to study. Just learn key phrases and terms for basic law enforcement and dispatch. Workplace Spanish® for Police Officers and 911 Dispatchers is being used in police departments from Pontiac, Michigan to Alpharetta, Georgia by officers who are in the field every day. It was created by officers for officers. It emphasizes first response situations and officer safety. Organized by topic, the manual contains more than 400 frequently used law enforcement/dispatch terms & phrases, along with culture & pronunciation tips, practice conversations, a "drills for skills" quiz section and a 9-page alphabetical keyword list. You?ll master Spanish pronunciation and be able to engage in short conversations focusing on police topics such as meeting and interviewing people, traffic stops, DUI situations, basic victim and witness questions, and more. Our practice conversations help you learn from real-world situations that you encounter frequently. The one-hour audio CD covers all phrases covered in the book, plus pronunciation tips and suggestions on how to learn more quickly. The CD features both a native Spanish speaker and a non-fluent, yet accurate English speaker repeating the terms and phrases. Newcomers to Spanish find this a great advantage over traditional language tapes.

Автор Workplace Spanish Inc.
Язык английский
Год 2014
ISBN 1930134371
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Количество страниц 256 стр.
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