99 of the best Experiential Corporate Games we know! Д-423. Simon Priest, Sam Sikes, Faith Evans, Sam Sikes, Simon Priest, Faith Evans. ISBN: 096465413X

99 of the best Experiential Corporate Games we know!

Trainers and facilitators use a variety of activities to open, energize, and close their sessions. This book offers instructions for 99 favorites from Simon Priest, Sam Sikes, and Faith Evans. Although these games are the "best we know", it has 46 new and unpublished activites. The book contains 10 Warmups, 17 Openers, 18 Socializers, 14 Fillers, 13 Energizers, and 27 Closures. It makes a perfect complement to the book called "101 of the best Corporate Team-Building Activities we know!" since there are no overlapping activites and the "101" book is focused on problem-solving activites.
Авторы Simon Priest , Sam Sikes , Faith Evans , Sam Sikes , Simon Priest , Faith Evans
Язык английский
ISBN 096465413X
Модель Д-423
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