Zen of Groups: A Handbook for People Meeting

Zen of Groups: A Handbook for People Meeting With a Purpose

Learn skills for working in groups Throughout Life, everyone has opportunity to belong to groups, starting with families, schools, community orgainzations, recreation groups, sports organizations and, finally, in business. A must-have book to help you become a more effective group member and stimulate your meetings with energy needed for achieving your goals. You'll learn the skills for participating in groups as an individual member, make groups as a whole more effective, and make group meetings more enjoyable through tapping the synergy available in groups. Discusses the essence of what makes groups work, then applies the principle of Zen to helping them function better. The toolkit includes techniques and exercises on generating ideas, defining priorities, creative thinking, expressing feelings, energizing the group, team-building, conflict-resolution, plus, beginning and ending a group.

Авторы Dale Hunter , Anne Bailey , Bill Taylor
Язык английский
ISBN 1555611001
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с 22 июня 2018
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