Lean Leadership : From Chaos to Carrots to

Lean Leadership : From Chaos to Carrots to Commitment

Lean Leadership is written for a very specific but large audience. The entire business world is aggressively pursing “lean” in all of its manifestations. Lean manufacturing, lean operations, lean service and so on are becoming the mantra of competition squeezed business. Lean Leadership addresses this audience in a manner that no other book on the market matches. Lean Leadership provides senior managers and leaders with an in-depth and broad exposure to the fundamental background knowledge and implementation methods that drive all enterprises that are successful over the long-term. It has been the author's experience, as both an executive and a consultant, that senior managers are willing and eager to do all that is required of them to lead their portion of an organization to success. Difficulties arise not because senior managers lack energy, but because they don't always fully understand how and why many required actions are necessary. The mechanics of lean systems (kaizen, pull systems, flexible cells, and so on) are simple in concept and thus appear easy to implement. Yet, few organizations are able to implement "lean" the first time they try. The most important implementation insights involve overcoming resistance, establishing a common set of tools and approaches that everyone uses, and dealing with implementation issues every day, hands-on, at the work group level. Lean Leadership provides a comprehensive overview of the individual, group and organization mechanisms that energize a lean organization and provides all of the tools and methodologies needed to get started on a successful lean implementation.

Автор William Lareau
Язык английский
ISBN 1571674721
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