Powertools for Women in Business: 10 Ways

Powertools for Women in Business: 10 Ways to Succeed in Life and Work

For many women, their professional and personal lives are intimately entwined. PowerTools shows women how to leverage this holistic approach to their best advantage. Through artfully woven research, interviews, and personal experiences, Aliza Sherman explores the common threads in women?s search for success. By distilling these experiences and lessons into a series of 10 techniques, or "PowerTools," Sherman shows women how to: -Maximize their particular strengths and powers as women in business -Avoid sacrificing success and fulfillment in one part of life at the expense of the other -Identify and overcome their self-imposed and external obstacles to success -Achieve a success that expresses both their professional and personal goals. PowerTools demonstrates how women can learn to welcome change, determine their true goals, and take charge of their own path to attain success and satisfaction. It?s filled with woman-to-woman advice, real-life stories, recommended reading, and personal projects women can undertake immediately to achieve more balance and fulfillment.

Автор Aliza Sherman
Язык английский
ISBN 1891984322
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