Women, Ethics and the Workplace. Camille

Women, Ethics and the Workplace

As women are entering the workforce in record numbers, there is an urgent need to address the specific ethical problems that working women face. Providing a conceptual framework from which practical issues can be addressed, the authors focus on sexual harassment, comparable worth, leadership, advertising, and working-class women. Theoretical concepts, applied cases, personal narratives, statistical data and charts are all included in this wide ranging treatment of ethics and working women. This is not merely a summary of others' work; it is a book that will frame debates on gender, ethics, business, and economics and serve as an exemplar for the critical treatment of basic human concerns.

Авторы Camille Atkinson , Candice Fredrick
Издательство Praeger
Язык английский
Год 1997
ISBN 978-0275956431 0275956431
Переплёт Твердый переплет
Количество страниц 200
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