Discovering Another Way: Raising Brighter

Discovering Another Way: Raising Brighter Children While Haveing a Meaningful Career

In spite of several decades of progress made by women in expanding life and career options, they are often still faced with the narrow choices of either stay-at-home motherhood or corporate career. Lane Nemeth, the founder of a successful toy company, argues that it's possible to do both and gain the rewards that each offers. In Discovering Another Way, the author describes how the first generation of the women's movement helped free women from the rigid role of mother/homemaker. But the pressure to only have a career can also become a trap. This book traces her personal story of challenges met and overcome and the evolution of her own goals: to have a family, to help others raise smarter kids by making educational toys generally available forthe first time, and to provide an opportunity for women to have a business and a family life.

Автор Lane Nemeth
Язык английский
ISBN 1582700109
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с 22 июня 2018
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