A Genie's Wisdom: A Fable of How a CEO Learned to Be a Marketing Genius

A Genie's Wisdom: A Fable of How a CEO Learned
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Newly appointed CEO B.J.Bigdome struggles in his attempt to develop a strategy for effectively marketing his products. Without a background in marketing, Bigdome doesn't know who to turn to for reliable advice - until a genie appears with solutions to all his most pressing quandaries. It's the same genie responsible for earth-shattering company turnarounds, super marketing innovations, and the success of headline CEOs. Through ten succinct chapters, the genie answers these ten fundamental questions: What is the essence of marketing? What's branding all about? What should be my product strategy? How do I get my pricing right? Are there limits to growth? What is good research? How do I evaluate advertising? How do I pick the right medium? How important are logos? What mistakes are made most often? This simple, handy book answers all these questions by illuminating marketing's salient points with priceless insight from Trout's years of experience. If you're anything like B.J.Bigdome, you could use the hard-won expertise of your own marketing genie - one with practical, straightforward advice on developing successful marketing strategies and techniques. Especially helpful for executives with little or no marketing background, "A Genie's Wisdom" offers a quick study of ten vitally important topics in the field. Формат: 14,5 см х 22 см.

Автор Jack Trout
Издательство John Wiley and Sons
Язык английский
Год 2003
ISBN 0-471-23608-X
Переплёт Суперобложка
Количество страниц 128
Код товара 9780471236085