The Glorious Epoch of Beads in Russia / Эпоха

The Glorious Epoch of Beads in Russia / Эпоха бисера в России

Contents: Bead manufacturing process Beadwork techniques Beadwork handbooks and patterns Types of beadwork Embroidery Crocheting Bead knitting Bead threading Loom beading Mosaic on beeswax The "sable" technique Beadwork subject range. Symbols Hunting Costumes Everyday life scenes Scenes from the life of the common people Journeys Warfare subjects Oriental motifs Chinoiserie articles (Chinese-style decorative art) Characters associated with literature and theater Religious themes Icon casings Floral ornamentation "Checkered" compositions Accessories. Home furnishings Handbags Purses and miser's bags Wallets, watch holders Man's accessories Tobacco boxes Accessories for card games Candlesticks, glass holders, and writing pads Embroidered wall coverings and cushions Bead embroidered furniture upholstery Inserts into cabinets, cupboards, and desks Folding-screens, fireplace screens Drapes and rugs Embroidered panels Framing of embroideries Caskets and needlework implements Needleworkers Society ladies Girl students at boarding schools Serfs Needlecraft in nunneries Beading needlecraft as a fashionable pastime Embroidery as the means of self-expression Beadwork gifts of love Inscriptions and dedications Embroidery as a token of memory Beadwork articles of the late 19th-20th centuries Collectors Exhibitions and publications Restoration work Catalogue Bibliography

Автор Elena Yurova
Издательство Интербук-бизнес
Серия Из частных коллекций / Private Collections
Язык английский
Год 2003
ISBN 5-89164-144-5
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Переплёт Твердый переплет
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