MicroC OS II: The Real Time Kernel (With

MicroC OS II: The Real Time Kernel (With CD-ROM)

MicroC/OS-II is a highly portable, ROMable, scalable, preemptive real-time, multitasking kernel (RTOS) for microprocessors and microcontrollers with performance comparable to - and in some cases exceeding - commercially available kernels. Written in ANSI C for maximum portability, MicroC/OS-II has been ported to more than 40 different processor architectures ranging from 8- to 64-bit CPUs. Since 1992, MicroC/OS has been used by thousands of developers worldwide in applications ranging from cameras to avionics. Certifiable for use in safety-critical systems, this RTOS has been proven to be robust, reliable, and safe enough for you to use in your own applications. This book describes the design and implementation of MicroC/OS-II and teaches you the fundamentals of a multitasking real-time system. You`ll learn about kernel structure, scheduling, context switching, task and time management, intertask communications and synchronization, dynamic memory allocation, and much more. The description of the code in this book has been completely rewritten to make it easier to follow. The presentation of system services has been significantly expanded from one to six chapters, two of which address new services: mutual exclusion semaphores (mutexes) and event flags. The porting guide has been completely revised and includes tips on how to test a port. Finally, appendix materials have been added to include coding conventions and quick reference charts. The companion CD-ROM contains all of th...

Автор Jean J. Labrosse
Издательство CMP Books
Год 2002
ISBN 1578201039
Переплёт Твердый переплет
Количество страниц 648
Код товара 9781578201037
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