The Invisible Man, код 9780486270715

The Invisible Man

First published in 1897, `The Invisible Man` ranks as one of the most famous scientific fantasies ever written. Part of a series of pseudoscientific romances written by H.G.Wells (1866-1946) early in his career, the novel helped establish the British author as one of the first and best writers of science fiction. Wells`s years as a science student undoubtedly inspired a number of his early works, including this strikingly original novel. Set in turn-of-the-century England, the story focuses on Griffin, a scientist who has discovered the means to make himself invisible. His initial, almost comedic, adventures are soon overshadowed by the bizarre streak of terror he unleashes upon the inhabitants of a small village. Notable for its sheer invention, suspense and psychological nuance, `The Invisible Man` continues to enthrall science-fiction fans today as it did the reading public nearly 100 years ago.

Год 1992
Количество страниц 110
Код товара 9780486270715
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