Ann Summer's Little Book of Sex. Ann Summers. ISBN: 978-0091882372

Ann Summer's Little Book of Sex

With the kind of raunchy approach you would expect from Ann Summers, this is a fun and informative guide to enjoying a great sex life. From fantastic foreplay techniques and toys to spice up your lovemaking to the hottest positions ever, this book is packed with no-holds-barred ideas. Colour photography throughout means you need leave little to the imagination. In a convenient small format that can be slipped into a pocket or handbag, the Ann Summers Little Book of Sex is the must-have seduction manual that will get your sex life sizzling.
Автор Ann Summers
Издательство Vintage
Язык английский
Год выпуска 2001
ISBN 978-0091882372, 0-09-188237-0
Переплёт Суперобложка
Количество страниц 96
Код товара 9780091882372
Тип издания Отдельное издание
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