The Concise Oxford Russian Dictionary, размер

The Concise Oxford Russian Dictionary, размер 170x215 мм

This dictionary provides coverage of 120,000 words and phrases, and over 190,000 translations. It includes completely up-to-date treatment of contemporary Russian and English, including amniocentesis, global warming, information superhighway, multimedia, streetwise, and time-share. There is extra in-text grammatical information; extended constructions, complementation, and difficult points of grammar. It records Russian as it is used today, with special emphasis on modern idioms and colloquial usage, highlighted by numerous illustrative examples. The dictionary also covers common abbreviations and acronyms such as APC, HRT, PC, OMOH, and CKB. New to this edition is a guide to Russian language and culture on the World-Wide-Web. A new guide to email and the Internet offers a unique gateway to language and culture in the Russian-speaking world. There is also a Thematic word finder, which brings together the essential vocabulary from a broad range of subject areas, including the...

Издательство Oxford University Press
Язык русский
Год 1998
ISBN 978-0-19-860152-4
Тираж 3000 экз.
Переплёт 160x235
Количество страниц 1008
Размер 170x215 мм
Возрастная категория 18+ (нет данных)
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