Go! Grammar Practice 3. Val Emslie. ISBN

Go! Grammar Practice 3

This course has an environmental and geographical theme and is designed for pre-intermediate lower secondary school learners. The syllabus is graded and provides balanced coverage of skills, and the grammar sections use a combination of inductive (Think Boxes) and deductive (Look Boxes) learning. There is also a learning workshop section, which places emphasis on vocabulary learning techniques. Finally, the "A Look at Britain" section gives students the opportunity to compare the UK with their own country. Формат: 19,5 см x 26,5 см.

Автор Val Emslie
Издательство Longman
Язык английский
Год 2002
ISBN 0-582-29235-2
Переплёт Мягкая обложка
Количество страниц 64
Код товара 9780582292352
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