Computer Studies and Information Technology. Terence Driscoll. ISBN: 978-0-333-59834-4

Computer Studies and Information Technology

Aimed at senior school and college students this practical textbook offers clear guidance on using computers and how to access information technology. It is suitable for students who are beginning work in computers and information technology as well as those who are more experienced. It covers the course requirements for all the major examinations including the IGCSE syllabus. It provides step by step screen representations of a variety of common software packages from scratch. Also included are activities, questions and helpful hints on how to answer them, a key word section. This textbook covers all the theory and practice the student needs in one volume.
Автор Terence Driscoll
Издательство Macmillan Publishers
Язык английский
Год выпуска 1998
ISBN 978-0-333-59834-4
Переплёт мягкая обложка
Количество страниц 20
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