Typography 31. Type Directors Club. ISBN: 978-0-06-172632-3

Typography 31

For over fifty years, the Type Directors Club has encouraged the worldwide graphic arts community to achieve excellence in typography through its annual international competitions. Typography 31 is the only annual devoted exclusively to typography and presents the finest work in this field for the year 2009. Selected from approximately 2300 international submissions to the annual Type Directors Club competition, the winning designs are models of excellence and innovation in the use of type design, encompassing a wide range of categories, including books, magazines, corporate identities, logo types, stationery, annual reports, video and web graphics, and posters.
Автор Type Directors Club
Издательство HarperCollins Publishers
Язык английский
Год выпуска 2011
ISBN 978-0-06-172632-3
Переплёт твердый переплет
Количество страниц 300
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