In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits. ISBN: 978-1-4262-0647-4

In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits

Culled from National Geographic's extraordinary archive, each of the 280 photographs in this wonderful book offers its own unique answer to the question, What makes a great portrait? In Focus is divided into periods that correspond roughly to changes in photographic equipment and techniques, from the cumbersome cameras and long exposures of early days to the advent of color film and the lightweight, modern gear that fostered a new, informal spontaneity in portraiture. The book traces the evolving roles and goals of photographers themselves, themes eloquently explored in the text by editor Leah Bendavid-Val and five of our finest contemporary photographers: Sam Abell, Stuart Franklin, Jodi Cobb, William Albert Allard, and David Alan Harvey. Through their essays and the ever evocative photographs, In Focus offers revealing insights on how photographers' work both reflects and influences how we see ourselves and the world.
Автор National Geographic
Издательство National Geographic Society
Язык английский
Год выпуска 2010
ISBN 978-1-4262-0647-4
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