The Zahir, размер 110x175 мм. Coelho Paulo

The Zahir, размер 110x175 мм

One day a renowned author discovers that his wife, a war correspondent, has disappeared leaving no trace. Was she kidnapped, blackmailed, or simply bored with their marriage? His search for her - and for the truth of his own life - takes him from South America to Spain, France, Croatia and, eventually, the bleakly beautiful landscape of Central Asia. More than that, it leads him into a new understanding of the nature of love, the power of destiny and what it really means to follow your heart.

Издательство HarperCollins Publishers
Серия Coelho!
Язык eng
Год 2006
ISBN 978-0-00-721362-7
Переплёт мягкая обложка
Количество страниц 350
Страна-производитель Великобритания
Размер 110x175 мм
Длина 110мм
Ширина 175мм
Высота 19мм
Объём 1
Количество томов 1
Нет в наличии
с 16 апреля 2021
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