Audio CD. Hundredth Man (количество CD дисков

Audio CD. Hundredth Man (количество CD дисков: 3) HarperCollins Publishers

A darkly compelling serial-killer thriller set in America's deep South, introducing the next big name in psychological thrillers and, in Carson Ryder, a fascinating and complex protagonist set for a long time to come. Chillingly read by Kerry Shale. A headless male torso found in the sweating heat of an Alabama night is assumed to be that of a murdered prostitute, killed in a moment of passion. The head of Mobile's police department would have it so, but Detective Carson Ryder sees something else: the deliberate placement of the remains, the lack of blood, the bizarre writing on the victim's skin. Ryder has become a local celebrity after solving a series of brutal murders a year earlier, but his reputation is built on a terrible secret, stemming from his childhood -- a secret he has kept from even his closest friend. Another torso; another, even stranger, message -- and the victim this time is no prostitute. Whatever Ryder's instincts about the case, however, the Byzantine manoeuvrings of departmental politics are interfering with the investigation. Are deliberate obstacles being placed in Ryder's way? And how does the chief pathologist's office tie in? Is there indeed a psychopathic killer out there in the night or does the solution lie elsewhere? Ryder must get to the heart of the murders -- and grapple with the demons that are rising again from his own past.

Серия CDB
Язык английский
Год 2007
ISBN 9780007192458 978-0-00-719245-8
Производитель HarperCollins Publishers
Страна-производитель Великобритания
Длина 192мм
Ширина 136мм
Высота 57мм
Количество CD дисков 3
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