Ways of Doing. Davis, Garside, Rinvolucri

Ways of Doing

Ways of Doing helps students discover how they do things, both inside and outside the classroom. Based largely on humanistic principles, it over 100 activities designed to encourage students to think, speak and write in English about areas they may never have discussed in their mother tongue. Ways of Doing is a rich source of stimulating and easy-to-use lesson ideas requiring minimal preparation. The activities, which are suitable for a range of levels and ages, deal with the following areas: - examining the patterns and processes in students' everyday life - exploring both the mother tongue and the foreign language - group dynamics - exploring and exploiting the course book - ways of learning - correction and feedback. There is also a special teacher development section.

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Издательство Cambridge University Press
Серия Cambridge handbooks for Language Teachers
Язык eng
Год 1999
ISBN 978-0-521-58559-0
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