Interchange Intro Video Activity Book. Richards

Interchange Intro Video Activity Book

Interchange Third Edition is a 4-level series for adult and young adult learners of English from the beginning to the high-intermediate level. The full-color Video Activity Book is designed to accompany the Video. It provides pre - and post-viewing tasks for the learner. There are Follow-up and Language Close-up sections for those who want to use the Video as the basis for a short course or to review more thoroughly the contents of the Student's Book.

Издательство Cambridge University Press
Серия Interchange Third Edition
Язык eng
Год 2005
ISBN 978-0-521-60169-6
Переплёт мягкая обложка
Страна-производитель Великобритания
Объём 1
Количество томов 1
Издание 3-е
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с 17 апреля 2021
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