English365 2 Teacher's Book. ISBN: 978-0-521-75368-5

English365 2 Teacher's Book

English365 is a three-level course in Business and general English. The Teacher's Book provides an introduction to the course and how to work with it as well as detailed notes on each Student's Book unit. It also includes photocopiable learner-training activities designed to improve the effectiveness of students' learning and encourage learner-autonomy, plus 30 extra photocopiable class activities.

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Издательство Cambridge University Press
Серия English 365
Язык eng
Год 2004
ISBN 978-0-521-75368-5
Переплёт мягкая обложка
Количество страниц 128
Страна-производитель Великобритания
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Количество томов 1
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