CER (Cambridge English Readers) 1 John Doe

CER (Cambridge English Readers) 1 John Doe (+ Audio CD), размер 124x188x5 мм

Modern, original fiction for learners of English. A man is found on the street, and taken to hospital. He appears unable to tell the doctor who he is, or where he comes from, but has he really lost his memory? The man is playing a dangerous game, and really knows a lot more than he is prepared to say. When he leaves the hospital, he goes to the house of the nurse who looked after him, and events take a very sinister turn.

Издательство Cambridge University Press
Серия Cambridge English Readers 1
Язык eng
Год 2000
ISBN 978-0-521-79493-0
Переплёт мягкая обложка
Количество страниц 32
Страна-производитель Великобритания
Размер 124x188x5 мм
Длина 124мм
Ширина 188мм
Высота 5мм
Объём 1
Количество томов 1
Нет в наличии
с 1 февраля 2021
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