Reward. Upper-intermediate. Student's Book

Reward. Upper-intermediate. Student's Book, размер 220x275x8 мм

Reward is a multi-level course designed to take students from their first introduction to English up to a fully proficient use of the language. The cross-cultural contexts of Reward provide stimulating input and encourage discussion, making learning interesting and relevant to today's world. The Reward Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook consolidates the structures and vocabulary in the Student's Book. It contains a variety of stimulating exercises including extensive grammar revision, vocabulary building and both guided and creative writing activities. With its clear layout and simple instructions, the students will find the book motivating and easy to use.

Издательство Macmillan Publishers
Язык английский
Год 1997
ISBN 0-435-24235-0 978-0-435-24235-0 9780435242350
Переплёт мягкий
Количество страниц 128
Размер 220x275x8 мм
Длина 220мм
Ширина 275мм
Высота 8мм
Объём 1
Количество томов 1
Формат 215x275
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с 17 декабря 2021
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